Predator Tactics Green Coyote Reaper Hunting Light Kit

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With the Green Coyote Reaper Light Kit, you are able to identify targets out past 500 yards on clear nights. It will also allow you to flood the beam wide for cutting through the timber or tighten the beam down for those long range shots. The Coyote Reaper features a matte black finish, adjustable focus, and built-in Halo shield. Included in the kit is a battery extension tube, an adjustable rail mount, a scope rail mount, an On/Off remote switch tail cap, rechargeable batteries, a wall and vehicle charger set, and an interchangeable Green LED with lumens pushing out past 400. Provides a plastic case to carry all parts.
  • Identify targets out past 500 yards
  • Have the ability to flood the beam wide tighten the beam down
  • Provides adjustable focus and built-in halo shield
  • Includes on/off remote switch, battery extension tube, pair of rechargeable batteries, and wall/car charger
  • Two mounts provided: 5 point adjustable rail mount and scope rail mount for 1 in and 30mm scope tubes
  • Comes in a matte black finish