Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter (20 Year Warranty)

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Here at Sored Gear, we can't stress enough how important it is to get a high-quality water filter. Today, there are many filters on the market that might not work as well as they say they do. Have confidence in the water filters we sell! We wouldn't sell it to you if we wouldn't trust it ourselves. 

The classic. This robust water filter made of heavy duty materials is ideal for long lasting continuous use even under extreme circumstances. The silver impregnated ceramic element is effective against bacteria and protozoa. The Katadyn Pocket is the only water filter with a 20-year warranty. Includes: Prefilter, bottle clip and carry bag.

Redesigned with a comfortable pump handle grip and an outlet tube for increased ease of use.

  • Durably constructed for a lifetime of use
  • Removes particles, bacteria, cysts and parasites larger than 0.2 microns, including protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidia
  • Comes with 2 abrasive pads to clean the pores of field-maintainable ceramic filter
  • Ceramic filter is silver-impregnated to inhibit bacterial growth inside its pores
  • Katadyn Pocket water filter includes a case and output hose
  • 20 Year Warranty