72-HR Boost Pack Immunity Support

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Zombie Immunity™ is the state-of-the-art immune support booster, regulator, and optimizer. Expertly crafted with a synergistic blend of all natural ingredients; Zombie Immunity™ is specifically formulated to work when the next 72 hours matter most.

      Benefits include:
  • Maximum Strength Immune Boost*
  • Increased Natural Energy*
  • Quicker Post-Activity Recovery*
  • Reduced Inflammation*
  • Improved Cognitive Function*
  • Enhanced Focus & Clarity*
  • Upgraded Situational Stress Capabilities*
  • Clean & Detoxify Your Body*
  • Potent Digestive Aid*

You may have supplies...the fizzy stuff, the little red pill that makes you feel even more undead or that salty gelatinous mass you squirt up your nose, but only Zombie Immunity™ delivers fast acting maximum strength immune support.* With Zombie Immunity™ your body will fight harder, smarter, and provide more natural energy to help fight the outbreak from within, whatever it may be.*  #YourGearIsNoGoodIfYou'reDead