How to Disable a Future Weathermen Underground Group

How to Disable a Future Weathermen Underground Group


Author: Josh Valdez


The Weather Underground pulled much of its power and emotion from the Vietnam War so much that its ideals were to “bring the war home.” During their peak time that was their only focus and only claim, it was a common ground that all could relate to. Much of their group was diverse with mixes of White, Hispanic, and Black ethnicity along with gays and feminists who, once the war ended, felt as if they conquered their cause. They recruited heavily at first but once they had a large following recruitment slowed. They tried to focus on building strong ties with other social reform groups such as the Black Panthers, but was widely unsuccessful doing so. During their time, they started off with peaceful protesting against the Vietnam War outside of government buildings. Once they felt as if that didn’t have an effect, they started to move toward violence to get their points across. Because of the violence, law enforcement authorities issued warrants for many of the leaders causing them to go in hiding. This cut them off from all family ties, which were essentially financial types as well.

Shortly after the war ended, society started to shift to other causes such as women’s rights and gay equality which cause many of the Weather Underground followers to become divided in less diverse causes and break apart into smaller groups fighting for causes they felt they pertained to. This rapidly decreased the following and loyalty to the Weather Underground. As the following grew smaller and smaller, paranoia between the leaders grew stronger. Many of the leaders were worried about a fight within the organization not only over the small remaining power of the group but also the possibility of one of them getting caught and turning the others over to law enforcement. Because of this increase of paranoia, meetings between the leaders were rare and the location of others was on “a need to know basis” ultimately losing contact with each other. Many had started a family and had other responsibilities more important than fighting with the Weather Underground. They found a need to provide for a family where most of the time they had available to the cause was spent looking for work or at work.

If we analyze the concepts that resulted in the fall of the Weather Underground many events or variables were within control or occurred naturally throughout the group. Some of the naturally occurring aspects of the group would be due to inevitable things such as aging out of crime.  It occurs many times where an individual or group of people move throughout life, criminal life becomes inconvenient and takes a toll.  In the Weatherman group many just got tired of planning their next bombing and not seeing changes within the system. Others had families that they needed to provide for or were out of money and practically homeless. Many started to miss their families and reach out to them knowing that they needed to make things right again in their lives.  Naturally these factors come from the pressure of the law or the pressure of losing your cause because what you were fighting for is now over.

Some of the aspects that could have been controlled within the Weathermen group as well as aspects society has learned to manipulate and control are variables such as economics and social needs. In order for a large organization to continue to operate in power it needs access to large sums of money. An organization also needs to means to convenience in rapid travel and safe houses across the country to continue to hold conferences to boost the morale of the group and to plan. As a society, it works very hard on monitoring all aspects and variables of large powerful organizations.  We have implemented higher security at airports making traveling for illegal people and illegal purposes difficult. Agencies monitor large amounts of cash moving from bank accounts and as to where the origin of the money is from, we watch people of interest verify their movements. We need to make it very inconvenient to be a terrorist or criminal which in fact if we do it correctly, will ultimately lead to the falling out of such organizations like the Weathermen Group.

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